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Don’t Leave Your Tax Refund Until the Last Minute — Part II

In our previous blog, we talked about how doing your taxes before it is too late is important because it helps you avoid fines and penalties, helps you get your refund back sooner, and reduces your stress. In today’s blog, we continue exploring other great reasons to file your taxes early.

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More Reasons To File Your Taxes Today

#3: Avoid Identity Theft

Did you know that if someone files a fraudulent claim under your name, your actual tax return will be rejected by the IRS? This is because they already have a return on file. While the IRS will help you with the identity theft problem, if you had filed earlier you may have avoided the whole headache in the first place.

#4: Prepare Your Bill

If you owe the IRS money, it’s much better to know as soon as possible what you owe, so you can plan better going forward. If you need tax planning support, you’re in luck — Prosperity I.Q. specializes in providing our clients comprehensive tax planning solutions! Learn more…

#5: File An Extension

If you are planning to file an extension, it’s best to do so early. You must fill out Form 4868, which gives you an extra six months to file your taxes, without penalty or fees. However, even if you get an extension, you still are required to estimate and pay what you owe by the normal April 15th due date.

Get The Help You Need

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